The Company

Nosso trabalho ultrapassa as fronteiras de criar apenas belas imagens, nos empenhamos em criar experiências inovadoras e construir soluções personalizadas.

Since the early days our union has been Kaaza´s mean structure as we´re all constantly in the same boat.

For that our mean focus are the activities that help our team to be always in constant evolution. That vision built a serious and perfectionist team absolutely engaged with the high quality of our cases.

Our knowledge in achitecture, decoration, fotography and design provides a way more holistic perspective about our working processes. We use that to help our clients to express their different ideas in a more effective way.

We believe that limits only exist to be overcome, so we are constantly focused in our evolution and the challenges are part of our routine. Our endless search for perfection happens constantly as we´re always happy and satisfied about it.

See the future with art.


Nino Wladeck

Partner, owner and founder of KAAZA, the architect Nino Wladeck is a specialist in Arch Viz. Responsible for the commercial department, analysis of projects and development of new products. He is always ahead in the idealization of applications to facilitate the interaction between the client and the product.

Rodolfo Segura

Partner, owner and also founder of KAAZA, the architect Rodolfo Segura has a passion for the digital art. Always very connected to the trends of architecture, art and music. He is the one who commands the entire team and manages the projects in order to have them delivered on time.

Our mean clients

Customers testimonials

“Kaaza is a restless company. It´s search for new technologies and selling strategies are absolutely connected to the digital world reality according to where we are now and it´s always in constant evolution. Gil Almeida – Products manager and Assembly at Vitta Residential.”

Gil Almeida

Products manager and Assembly Vitta Residencial

“Through Kaaza´s talent, the ways of expressing our projects are getting more surprising. Our differential can be seen in a beautiful and real way through countless possibilities that Kaaza has. Thanks to their quality and organization regarding our projects and accurated deadlines, Kaaza has become a great partner. Congratulations to everybody”

Larissa de Marchi

Corporation´s Coordinator Artenge

“Kaaza has been an important partner of the Vectra Group in presenting the differentials of our developments, both vertical and horizontal with high quality images, affinity with designers and respect for deadlines.”

Fábio Augusto Mansano

Communication Coordinator Construtora Vectra

“A very young and dynamic team that is always in search for new Technologies in order to offer us a range of different and modern products. Their care about the quality and respect to the short deadlines make us happy and confortable about such a successful partnership”.

Bruno Montosa

Project´s Manager Montosa Construtora